The free-to-attend conference at the Nigeria Manufacturing & Equipment Expo 2019 aims to create a platform where industry experts can share their knowledge, expertise, and experience. 

Attend to:

>  Hear from industry leaders sharing knowledge and best practise

>  Learn capacity building and business management training - upskill your team

>  Gain insights from real-life business case studies

>  Get Finance and Funding Advice from the experts


  • How to unlock access to foreign exchange for business operations
  • Overcoming key challenges the outlook for 2018
  • Interest for Africa: Navigate interest rates for all your operational cost facing the issue of non-settlement of bank loans
  • Bringing technological innovation into your factory: Finding the right technology for your businesses needs
  • Energy savings measures for  your compressed air and plant utilities systems
  • Successful project management strategies
  • Understanding the transactional value chain
  • Increasing productivity through industrial clustering
  • Financing your raw materials
  • What are your options in sourcing local raw materials?
  • Exporting your manufactured goods to international and ECOWAS markets
  • How to deal with a lack of sufficient local polymer production
  • Getting out of the Nigerian “Pharmagedon”  

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