Elizade Autoland Interview. "With the NME Expo, there is the potential to build capacity which will serve as a catalyst for innovative solutions necessary for economic growth"

1. What are your Organization’s objectives for the year and how do you feel the objectives will be met during this event?

   Our objectives for this year is to showcase our products and services as the wise choice, especially with the current economic situation, while also expanding sales and operations across the country.

2. What is your forecast for the manufacturing sector next year?

wr In aniticiaption for stability in the economy, exchange rate, we forecast that the manufacturing sector will improve while the automotive sector will also increase significantly in comparism to the last 2 years.

3.How do you think Nigeria Manufacturing Expo/, a platform that brings together the entire value chain ofmanufacturing sector can help the manufacturing sector?

 With the NME Expo, there is the potential to build capacity especially throught the conference sessions, which will serve as a catalyst for innovative solutions, to revolutionalize and improve the economic sector.

4. What role does the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria play in supporting your organization towards resolving challenges in the manufacturing sector? 

MAN acts as a connecting bridge between the government and manufacturers to create policies that will grow the economy and provide support to manufacturers. One of such would be helping to facilitate custom duty concessions for our SKD. However, other areas we need even more support and improvement would be trade and FX policies, as well as power supply e.g. concessions in power distribution for manufacturers to stimulate growth.

5. Are there any special offers or discounts your company will be offering that you would love the attendees to know about? 

During the NME Expo this year, we plan to share exciting promotion offers of all our model for interested buyers. We encourage visitors to attend this event for access to these juicy offers!