Atlas Copco Interview: NME Expo create a platform for manufacturers to interact and come up with innovations that tackles the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector in Nigeria by showcasing thier equipment and give technical explantion about it.

What are your Organization’s objectives for the year and how do you feel the objectives will be met during this event?

Our objective in 2018 is to do profitable business that will guarantee our esteemed customers, values and efficiency in energy saving as well as ensuring that we improve Atlas Copco market share in Nigeria. We hope to pass this message to all new prospect during the event and discuss better support with our customers.

What is your forecast for the manufacturing sector next year?

Manufacturing sector is key to our business and we expect to be available to support all existing and new project in 2018 and beyond. More than 70% of our revenue is expected to come from this sector and that means we have to offer the very best solutions to our customers to achieve this target.

How do you think Nigeria Manufacturing Expo/Nigeria Raw Material Expo, a platform that brings together the entire value chain of manufacturing sector can help the manufacturing sector?

Interaction is the first step to innovation. Every manufacturer have one challenge or the other with durability, fit for purpose, efficiency, reliability and availability of some equipment in production. There is no better way to tackle this challenges than to come together and interact on new innovations with equipment manufacturers. This can easily be achieved during this type of event where most of the equipment manufacturer are expected to showcase their products with technical people on ground to give detail explanation.

What role does the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria play in supporting your organization towards resolving challenges in the manufacturing sector?

They are a bridge that connect us together and we only hope that the bridge will be made stronger.

 Are there any special offers or discounts your company will be offering that you would love the attendees to know about?

During the event, we will be offering 30% discount to any customer that purchase any equipment within 1 week after visiting our stand. On some equipment, the discount will be 50%.