“Excellence in every detail”

1. Can you provide us with background details of your organisation, highlighting your major services?

Simplified Corporate Logistics (SCLogisticsNG) started off as a desire to meet the needs of few businessmen and women who had started using our sister company – Shoptomydoor – since 2009. Then came 2015 election and our aspiration became stronger as we saw a huge rise in the huge number of printers, papers, ink – all imported from USA, China and other locations into Nigeria for the election through Shoptomydoor. 

Seeing challenges businesses face in export and import, in 2016 we rebranded after indebt research as Simplified Corporate Logistics. With our new developed strategy to simplify and provide affordable solution for export and import, all of which can be utilized with just a click. Simplified Corporate Logistics has solid experience in global procurement, sourcing of equipment and other products from trusted global suppliers. At SCLogisticsNG we provide air shipping fro and to Nigeria in 4 days, ocean shipping in 4 weeks delivery saving 70% on cost of shipping.

SMEs also benefit our one-stop solution which includes global procurement, 5 days clearing and easy documentation process. More of these can be seen on www.sclogisticsng.com.

2. What excites you about working in the West African region?

Africa is a very big market full of untapped potentials. It has the size that will help ecommerce grow in few years to come.

3. What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Expo?

From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at Expos such as this has loads of benefits for our kind of business which is in the logistics sector. We hope that this 2017 NME Expo gives us a powerful platform for meeting potential or new customers and building a more established and reliable brand.

Like most forms of marketing, with the right strategy, we are anticipating that this year’s NME Expo will be a very profitable choice, providing us the opportunity to drastically expand Simplified Corporate Logistics’ customer base.

4. What technology and services are you most excited about at the moment?

Although, there are quite a huge number of technology and services to be excited about, personally I am enthusiastic about the internet and how it has helped business run. Take Simplified Corporate Logistics for example, we have been able to simplified logistics business. We have an automated warehouse so goods are updated and you log in to view all that we have received on your behalf for shipping, easily shipment tracking and online payment. 

5. Will you display any specific equipment and technology?

Yes we’ll have an interactive session during our presentation where we’ll not only display our keys services. More importantly we will show visitors at the exhibition how we have simplified export and import for business using technology.

6. What are the key challenges experienced in the equipment and manufacturing sector of the company? How do you think these can be resolved? 

The manufacturing sector is an ever changing one and businesses in this sector are confronted with various challenges in this present economic situation in Nigeria.

Notwithstanding, Nigeria is a consumer driven economy and as such product development and innovation should be moving at a lightning pace if companies in the Manufacturing sectors wants to stay relevant. 

Typically, as most companies compete to be first to market with a new concept, the temptation to compromise on quality can be huge, however manufacturers need to be stringent and avoid cutting corners.

From the point of sourcing raw materials internationally and locally to produce end products every manufacturer requires a logistics partner that will help decrease its cost of production. Being a key player in the Nigerian economy, we realize there are a couple of the logistics issues and one major issue is the falsification of clearing documents by clearing agents for unnecessary price inflation. Fortunately, Simplified Corporate Logistics offers the best clearing services any company needs, with our goal in ensuring goods are cleared within 6 business days.

Now more than ever, manufacturers must ensure they have complete visibility throughout their supply chain for their own compliance and that of their suppliers. 

7. What is the key message you would like to emphasize at the Expo this year?

Our key message is telling Nigerians, especially SMEs that they now have a platform that can provide the affordable one click import and export solution. It is worthy to note that the solutions we provide are customized to suite each business needs or goals.