Applied Engineering Interview: "We are here, we are manufacturing in country and will be exporting machinery and equipment from Nigeria to west Africa"

1) Can you provide us with background details of your organisation, highlighting your major services? 

Applied industrial manufacturing Ltd. Is specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of the most reliable heat generation and transfer equipment. Mainly we manufacture steam boilers, thermal oil heaters, heat exchangers, jacketed stainless steel mixing vats, and other customized equipment for various industries.

2) It is interesting to note that your company produces equipment and modern tools; could you provide insights on your operations in Nigeria? 

We are established in Nigeria serving the Nigerian and West African market, all manufacturing process takes place in Nigeria while we import first class parts like burners, pumps, valves, etc.... We serve factories in first hand designing and supply of customized systems to reach their productions goals.

3) are you most looking forward to at this year’s Expo? 

Looking forward to meeting potential clients of course, but my most important factor is to establish base knowledge that such equipment are being manufactured in Nigeria which better suits Nigerian industries.

What technology and services are you most excited about at the moment? 

Waste to energy steam generation I think for that it is environmental and will add to the efficiency of production of any factory by decreasing operational costs and making the end product more competitive

4) Will you display any specific equipment and technology?

Yes, am displaying a complete steam boiler of capacity 800kg/hr and operational pressure 8 bar. Proudly Made in Nigeria.

5) What are the key challenges experienced in the equipment and manufacturing sector of the company and how do you think these can be resolved? 

Mostly are research and development issues as its not easy to invest time and funds while the country is not financially stable. And the absence of technically knowledgable and specialized supply chain for raw material and spare parts.

6) What is the key message you would like to emphasize at the Expo this year? 

We are here, we are manufacturing in country, and hopefully we will be exporting machinery and equipment from Nigeria to west Africa and more soon.

7) you have anything more to add? 

Thank you for hosting such events, it's a very interesting opportunity being here.

Mustapha Amro, Managing director and owner of Applied Industrial Manufacturing Ltd. Holding MBA degree and a Masters degree in mechanical Engineering.

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